I'm unique, just like everyone else!

Øyvind Nyborg

If I have a Mission Statement in life, then it will be:
to Build a Better World! Plain and simple...
A family man like me can't fight crime in tights, (as my better half tells me), so I have to find other ways to achieve my goal.

I dedicate much of my free time teaching children, aged 3 to 7 years old, in my TKD-Kids classes. It's basically "bully-proofing" and "character building".

I also teach ITF Taekwon-Do, for those above 7 years and up, but they don’t get to imitate chimps and raccoons as much in my classes as the younger ones do.

I'm also pretty much involved in Footies for Smiles, which is an awesome project where we use football/soccer to spread some "happiness and smiles" around the world to less affluent children.

As I also have my regular life, and since I'm no Bruce Wayne, I have to work hard on the side for my living. Besides running a small software company, I also work as an advisor for an innovative and leading company in its field making resources out of waste. Which is a kind of magic, and it also saves the world a bit.

If I have any free time left, then I really like hikingfishing, snowboarding & skiing, international traveling, book reading, music, new technology, painting miniatures for RPGs, playing board games, and spending quality time with my family

Øyvind Nyborg