Hi there! I'm Øyvind Henriksen

Øyvind Henriksen

I would like to build a better world, and since I don’t fight crime in tights, I dedicate much of my free time teaching children aged 3 to 7 years old in basic Self-Defence Skills and Coordination Skills as well as Life Skills, Danger Awareness and Character Education in my TKD-Kids classes.

I also teach ITF Taekwon-Do, for those above 7 years and adults, but they don’t get to imitate chimps and raccoons as much in my classes as the younger ones do.

As I also have my regular life, and since I'm no Bruce Wayne, I have to work hard on the side for my living. Besides running a small software company, I also work as an advisor for an innovative and leading company in its field making resources out of waste.

If I have any free time left, then I really like fishing, snowboarding & skiing, international traveling, book reading, music, new technology, painting miniatures for RPGs and playing board games.

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Øyvind Henriksen